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The meaning behind the brand

Our Story: Part 1


In the face of our deep divisions, our flags, our borders and our politics serve to turn us against each other. These are the times we must heed a call to action.

A call to our great orators to give a voice to the voiceless. A call to our great authors to write the next chapter of our story. A call to our great artists to paint a beautiful future. On this, our planet, and in this, our time, let us set aside our differences.

United, we share our most common element. We are human. WE ARE BOUND BY BLOOD.

Our Story: Part 2


Bound By Blood's goal is to show the world that no matter how different we are, we have the most important things in common. This message is integrated into everything we do and incorporated into our style. Our brand is designed to be worn by anyone and everyone. Those who are a part of the movement declared themselves as a person who strives for peace and unity while also marking themselves as a beacon of safety for those who have been isolated, judged, or discriminated against.

Send us photos of how you wear your BOUND BY BLOOD clothing and declare yourself a supporter of the movement!

Our Story: Part 3


Peace, equality, and unity are the three pillars of our brand. These values are deeply engrained in our brand; from our designs to our color palettes to our unisex products. First we ask "Why?" and then we act. We do this for our love of the process of creating and, most importantly, our passion for treating others with respect.

From the Creator.

Bound By Blood was created after years of wanting to start a clothing line. In my eyes, it's the perfect creative outlet for me. It combines my love for fashion, graphic design, photography, web design, and marketing. When starting the brand, I knew I wanted it to have a meaning and a purpose. Some people get into this business as a get-rich-quick scheme; I wanted the opposite of that. I wanted to create a movement.

The message behind the Bound By Blood is one of peace, equality, and unity. Regardless of our race, gender, social status, and political views, we are all equal at our core element. Instead of focusing on what makes us different, we can achieve more by working together to support what we have in common. A lot of brands popping up these days are nothing more than a name printed on a shirt, but Bound By Blood is passionate about the meaning behind it.

I’ve had a lot of amazing people supporting both myself and the movement along the way. Having your friends and family believe in you and your message is truly an amazing feeling. Combine that with seeing random people wearing your designs and talking about the meaning behind it and it should be no wonder why I’m so passionate about this.

Jason Kobishop, Owner/Designer


Meanings behind some of our recurring marks and logos.



We created our own alchemy symbol that combines the traditional symbols of "blood" and "earth".



The three bars reprsent the three pillars of the brand; peace, equality, and unity, as well as the three B's in our initials.



Our monogram depicts the interconnectedness of all people with the three B's woven into each other.


Peace Chain

The Peace Chain shows how we are all connected in our effort for peace.


Warriors of Peace

A variation of our monogram with the initials of the Warriors of Peace; a special mark for the Warriors to bear.



A double meaning: If you push the numbers 1 and 3 together they form a B and it's also reclaiming something traditionally negative and turning it into a positive.

Music plays a big part in our lives. Whether it’s starting a band or going out and seeing your favorite band perform, we believe music is a great way to bring people together. To share and celebrate music, we have created a Spotify playlist that features our favorite bands, artists that share our message, and musicians from the Warriors of Peace.

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