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Size Chart


Each garment may vary slightly in size from others. A general size chart for unisex items is below. Women's sizing equivalents are roughly one size down from unisex sizing. All measurements are in inches. If you have specific questions on a particular item, feel free to contact us and we'll help you out!
XS: Chest 30-32, Waist 28-30
S: Chest 34-36, Waist 30-32
M: Chest 38-40, Waist 32-33
L: Chest 42-44, Waist 33-34
XL: Chest 46-48, Waist 36-38
XXL: Chest 48-50, Waist 40-42
XXXL: Chest 50-52, Waist 44-48


Most of our headwear is one-size-fits-all unless otherwise noted.

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